What if it’s my first time?
Every student has the opportunity to take 2 weeks of complimentary lessons, where all your questions will be answered in person. This is also the time for us to explain our belting system and we will help set out your short and long term goals while at the evolution martial arts academy. Please come to training wearing comfortable athletic clothing.

What do you wear to train in?
Students can wear a Gi (Traditional Karate Suit) or one of the club t-shirts, no shoes (bare foot). For safety, no jewelry is allowed and hair must be tied back. Upon signing with the evolution martial arts academy all students will receive a complementary Gi.

How many calories can I burn during Martial Arts Training training?
It depends! Martial Arts training can provide excellent aerobic & anaerobic exercise for all. A person who weighs 130 pounds and works out doing Martial Arts for 1 hour at high intensity can burn up to 624 calories.

What happens if a students gets hurt in class?
The evolution martial arts academy prides its self on creating a safe and fun environment for its students to learn and train. Accidents do happen and all instructors hold a valid first aid certificate and know the procedures for emergency aid.

What insurance coverage do students have while training?
evolution martial arts academy has one of the most up to date insurance program’s for martial arties in the country. All students are covered for injuries at no extra cost. For a more detailed explanation of the coverage contact Sensei James Cockill

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us should you require any more information.