‘When my children asked if they could start martial arts classes, I assumed that it would only involve learning basic moves and sequences – how wrong I was! Evolution is so much more than this. James and Luke provide a great way for young children to learn about martial arts. By using their excess energy and enquiring minds the children are encouraged to develop their physical and cognitive skills in many different ways.’
Elliot (6), Liam (5) and Hannah (4) Walton, training 6-12 months.

‘Jake has been training at Evolution since he was 3 and a half and thoroughly enjoys it. He really looks forward to his training sessions with James and Luke – they both get the best out of the kids and show a real interest in them. I would recommend the Lil Ninjas programme to everyone.’
Jake Mendelsohn (5), training 2 years.

‘Very experienced and friendly atmosphere James and Luke are always on hand for any advice or problems that may crop up, the guys are very helpful and always willing to help the kids.’
Steve Gallagher (11), training 3months.

‘Evolution is very well organised and installs a great discipline in its pupils. The training appears fun but challenging and I would thoroughly recommend the whole set up.’
Robbie Tailford (14), training 3 years.

‘Sonny is Autistic and James and Luke have been very patient and understanding of Sonny’s needs. He has benefited greatly from the help and advice they have given him. Sonny is more focused on tasks now and can concentrate longer at school.’
Sonny Baines (13), training 2 years.

‘Jake has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Evolution he has learnt how to deal with life with a positive attitude and not to let people take him for granted. He has also learned to be more active and do more activities in his spare time (not just xbox 360!!!). James and Luke really know how to work with children and get the best out of them so I am so pleased that we came to Evolution first and no where else.’
Jake Wilson (13), training 3 years.

‘Evolution is a great idea to keep kids interested in looking after themselves by way of exercise, discipline and teamwork. Also keeps them off the streets by encouraging an interest outside of school. James and Luke are great role models for their students and a credit to the academy.’
Robbie Blaser (13), training 3 years.

‘Theo had been training at another academy and was even more nervous transferring to a new style than when he first started martial arts. Theo’s age and size meant he crossed the boundaries of two classes. James kept a close eye on Theo’s first few weeks and made Theo very welcome and comfortable. As a result Theo now enjoys the class and feels part of the team.’
Theo Colley (8), training 3 months.

‘I would recommend Evolution because I feel that the balance between fun and training for the children is great. David enjoys his training and is happy to train three times a week. He is more motivated and his co-ordination is much better. I definitely feel that David has improved in the 12 months he has been at Evolution.’
David Allinson (6), training 1 year.

‘I think the firm, no nonsense approach in class is really good for the kids. At the same time they have fun. The classes have helped Dominic’s confidence outside the class.’
Dominic Barnes (8), training 2 years.

‘I have found the time spent at the Evolution academy to be beneficial to my son. His confidence has improved and the extra actitives such as concentration, discipline etc have proved useful. The ability of James and Luke when engaging with 5 year olds is excellent.’
Gabriel McGregor-Taylor (5), training 1 year.

‘I would recommend Evolution to every parent (boy or girl). Not only as a form of self defence but also to give their child confidence, discipline, self respect, a feeling of value and achievement outside school which encourages new friendships outside their comfort zone, teaching respect and consideration for others in the long term.’
Michael McStravick (15), training 3 months.

‘Evolution has changed my son completely he’s now very confident with his piers. The whole experience for him is the best thing he’s ever done and he’s still enjoying every minute. I would recommend it to anyone young or old.’
Ethan Hammond (6), training 1 and a half years.

‘Before my children began training at Evolution they both lacked confidence in themselves. My son was extremely unfit and found it difficult to concentrate on any physical activity. Both children now stand up for themselves when confronted by bullying situations. They have never had to use the skills they have learned at Evolution due to the fact that they know they could if they needed to.’
Ben (11) and Jordan (10) Collins, training 6 months.

‘Evolution is a well run martial arts academy with very competent instructors. Grant loves going and has enjoyed meeting new friends. He loves learning new skills and feels happier having a knowledge of how to look after himself.’
Grant Dodsworth (12), training 6 months.

‘Our son has come on leaps and bounds since joining Evolution, increasing in confidence and learning that you can have fun and learn within a structured environment.’
Cameron Seddon (9), training 6 months.