Kettlercise® is THE single most effective Kettlebell fat burning workout…….designed to shape and sculpt your body in as little as 20 mins for rapid fat loss & a lean toned body. It’s fun, super quick and super effective!

Kettlercise for Women

It’s a stimulating, invigorating, safe and easy-to-follow, kettlebell inspired, calorie blitzing, fat blasting program and people everywhere are loving the lightening quick RESULTS!

Kettlercise for Men

All kettlebell classes are not created equally, Kettlercise® follows a system and it’s that system that produces results. If it hasn’t got Kettlercise® on it……….its not an effective kettlebell class. We spent five years developing, testing and tweaking it to get it absolutely right. Then we trialed it, we tested it, we tweaked it, we tested it some more, then we polished it…………….and now it’s in its finished format………………Welcome to Kettlercise®.

Kettlercise Classes DARLINGTON

Starting at evolutionThursday 24th October 1:15pm to 2:15pm

First Class Free, £5 per class after


Kettlercise® is a high energy pulse raising workout designed to place extra emphasis on target muscle groups like abs, glutes, arms and thighs and all with maximum effectiveness.

The Kettlercise® program follows the B.S.M. System, raising the metabolic rate skywards, ‘gaining a more bang for your buck’ complete all over body workout

Kettlercise®  delivers a lean, toned body-  ‘one piece of equipment, one goal’.

For more info Call Luke : 07824 630 102


Kettlercise Classes WHITBY 

Monday 11am till 12 noon

Thursday 6pm till 7pm & 7pm till 8pm

To Book Call Mic:07748 594 843

Green Lane Centre, Whitby YO22 4EH