May 2008

Goals We Set Are Goals We Get!

By John Bussard

Having goals is very important. A life without goals is like shooting arrows without aiming at a target. You will most likely hit something, but it probably won’t be the target you had intended. There are two main types of goals: short-term and long-term. Martial arts training is a good example of the difference between short- and long-term goals. A long-term goal might be earning your Black Belt, which could take from three to five years or even longer, depending on your progress. If you only set this goal, then you might become discouraged and give up. Focusing on short-time goals, however, may be a better way to reach your long-term goals. A short-term goal could be earning your next coloured belt, which only requires a few short months of training. When you focus on and achieve your short-term goals, then your long-term goal of Black Belt won’t seem as difficult. You can apply the same process of setting short- and long-term goals to improve your school grades, control your diet and train harder, etc. To make sure you follow through on your goals, write them on a paper. It also helps to share goals with a supportive person, such as a parent, teacher or good friend, who can help through the rough spots. The first step is to decide what goal you want to achieve. Next, you must determine your starting point. For example, you may be receiving C’s in school, but your goal is to earn straight A’s at school, so that’s your starting point. To improve from C’s to A’s won’t be easy, so you must first set some short-term goals. Some short-term goals you could set are to concentrate on one or two subjects at a time or first improve from B’s and then to A’s. You could devote one additional hour more per day to study. You could attend extra classes. Another example: Your long-term goal is to achieve a healthy weight by losing 50 pounds, which is your starting point. Two short-term goals could be to lose 5% of your body weight during a specific period of time and to increase your exercise by a half-hour four days a week. Here’s an important tip. Whenever you achieve one of your short-term goals, be proud of yourself and enjoy it. That will keep you motivated and working toward your next short-term goal, and eventually help you reach your long-term goals as.


Is There an Outbreak in Your Life?

Normally, the word “outbreak” brings on fear of diseases or viruses and causes panic. In this article, “outbreak” means many things, both negative and positive. In class, a virus outbreak could prove to be a negative force; on the other hand, an outbreak of energy, sincerity, humility and discipline could be life changing. We need a life-changing outbreak in our lives more often. One negative person in your immediate circle can cause you to become negative. Words that are spoken, actions that are taken and emotions that are voiced are easily adopted; so we must be very careful not to allow a negative outbreak in our lives. It is easy to sit back, listen to the news and hear about the negative occurrences occurring throughout the world. It is very difficult to resist being affected by this input, to make the conscious decision to walk away when you are bombarded by this kind of negativity. The mind is easily affected, so take the necessary precautions to avoid negative events and people. Just as in medicine, a placebo may protect you from sickness, depending on your belief system and the power of the mind. Have you ever felt the start of a cold and allowed yourself to fall ill by accepting the fact that you will become sick? Other times, you may tell yourself you won’t become sick — and you don’t. It’s the same with negative emotions and energy and, on the flip side, positive thoughts. What is nature of the energy in your class, your workout or your home? Can you be the catalyst to make a positive change? Can you create the environment to make it happen? The answer is “Of course, you can!” You can either be positive or negative; it is entirely your choice. When working out at your school, all you need to do is tell yourself you will make this the best workout you ever had, and pass the positive energy on to others. Your emotions will promote positive emotions in others, and, before you know it, the classroom, workplace or home will be changed. You are what you believe, either negative or positive, so choose to make every day a positive. Envision the positive energy and it will occur right before your eyes.


Committing to a Healthier You
By Jennifer G. Galea MS RD
No matter what television channel you watch or magazine, newsletter or newspaper you read, you will be constantly bombarded with reports about the benefits of regular physical activity. To begin, there is the benefit that exercise offers to achieve and maintain healthy weight levels, which holds its own health benefits. In addition, it is widely accepted that exercise, in general, helps reduce stress, in various ways. Now, consistent physi-cal activity is strongly recommended in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments: immune disorders (and disorders where the immune system could use a good boost) to Parkinson’s disease and osteoporosis.
What could be better exercise than the martial arts? Martial arts training is aerobic, the kind of exercise that is recommended for many areas of health maintenance and optimization, such as heart and lung fitness, as well as achieving proper weight goals. Martial arts’ training is also what is considered a “weight-bearing exercise,” which is the type of exercise recommended specifically for the health benefit of maintaining or improving bone density to prevent osteoporosis or reverse osteopenia. Weight-bearing exercise is actually crucial for everyone to maintain bone health, especially as they age. Many recent reports also focus on the benefits of “core strengthening” or types of training that are “core” focused. Yes, martial arts does that, too. Studying and practicing the martial arts gives you a complete mind and body workout, resulting in all the benefits, including those that contribute to stress reduction. Commit to your martial arts training. You’ll be committing to being healthier in every way possible: less illness; fewer chronic conditions; healthier lungs, heart and bones; less stress and resultant illnesses; more flexibility; and a more toned body that is less prone to injury.


“Love is a better master than duty.”
Albert Einstein, 20th century physicist

Translation for Adults
What motivates you to start your day? Is it a job that you love or one that just pays the bills? If you work because you must, then you are working for the wrong reason. The same can be said of what you do for your family and friends. You shouldn’t feel obligated to meet an old friend for unch; you should meet an old friend for lunch because you love him or her and care about the events in his or her life. We are not usually satisfied when we are motivated by duty, but, rather, when we are motivated by love or enthusiasm.

Translation for Kids
What makes you happier: doing what you must do or what you love to do? Being motivated by love is more worthwhile than being motivated by duty. That means if you don’t like school, then you shouldn’t go, right? Wrong! Your parents send you to school because they love you and want you to receive an education; so even school is motivated by love. If you do something good to help someone, and to be rewarded for your actions, then you know you are motivated for the right reasons.

“How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never’.”
German monk

Translation for Adults
Think about everything you’ve wanted to do, but never did. It seems as if there is always another task that must be completed before you can do what you want to do; or there is a better time or day to do what you want to do. You might even miss the opportunity to do what you want because of procrastination. Even though it can be difficult, motivate yourself to put your plans into action. Whether it’s picnicking with your kids in the park or applying for a new job, there is no better time to act than right now. If you want to accomplish your goals and tasks, then use the first opportunity to move forward. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels to stop talking and start acting.

Translation for Kids
Procrastination is when you wait to finish a task until the last minute, such as completing a school project the night before it’s due even though your teacher assigned it weeks ago. Being motivated will help you avoid procrastination. If you are well motivated to complete a task, then you are more likely to take the first possible opportunity to do it, instead of waiting until later or tomorrow. Motivation doesn’t just apply to completing your schoolwork. It also applies to your martial arts training. You may be thinking about skipping karate class today and going tomorrow instead. Be motivated by your goal of Black Belt and go to today’s class. You’ll be one step closer to your goal and no longer a procrastinator.

Kickin’ Kids Korner

Welcome to Kickin’ Kids, the mind-boggling, brain-teasing section of Kid’s Zone. If you score: 9 or more, you are a Grandmaster; 7 or 8, a Master; 6, an Advanced Student; 5, an Intermediate Student; 4, a Beginner Student; 3, do 10 sit-ups; 2, do 10 press-ups; 1, do 10 sit-ups and 10 press-ups.
Martial Arts Word Guess: Part of being a great martial artist is being a good role model for your martial arts classmates as well as your friends, siblings and other people in your life.
Directions: Complete each word by filling in the missing letters. Hint: Each word has to do with the qualities of a good role model. Guess the Bonus and add +1 to your score. Good luck!!!
Example: M__ R__ __ AL A__ TS Answer: Martial Arts
1. P__ S__ IVE AT__ __ITU__ E
2. __ EL__ FUL
3. RE__ P__ N__ I__ LE
4. __ IND
5. PA__ IEN__ _
_ 6. COU__ A__ EOUS
7. RE__ __ ECTF__ L
8. H__ N__ ST__
9. __ RUST__ OR__ HY
10. __ IN__ SH __ HAT TH__ Y __ TAR__
Bonus: __EA__S __Y E__AM__LE