Brown Belt Grading

Darlington Academy- All Dates are subject to change until confirmed.
The minimum time to wait between brown belts is 6 months.

You need to be training on a regular basis to be put in for your brown belt grading

Brown Belts: It’s advisable not to train the day before your grading

Bring your running shoes and something to run in (as well as your Gi) 

Brown Belt Gradings


Next Grading –  Sunday 11th June 2017

12noon – Brown Belts

Brandon Morrison – 3rd Kyu

Harry Pemberton – 3rd Kyu

Kieran Nicholson – 3rd Kyu

Kayla Nicholson – 3rd Kyu

Tyler Turner – 2nd Kyu

Ben Hodgson – 2nd Kyu

Josh Walker-Stein – 3rd Kyu

Travis Leadley – 2nd Kyu

Liam Durkin –

Will Brown – 1st Kyu

Kaleb Grauett – 1st Kyu

Henry Bushell – 1st Kyu

Ryan Allinson – 1st Kyu

Joseph Halliwell -1st Kyu

Isaac Smith- 1st Kyu

Even Watkins- 1st Kyu

The ethos at the evOlution Martial Arts Academy is to keep moving forward with the progression of modern martial arts around the world, as our attacker changes we have to change our defence. Using the word attacker I don’t just mean a physical attack, we face many obstacles in life, mentally, physically & spiritual. A healthy body and mind will help us over come these.