Purple Belt & Below

Kyu – Grading Dates & Times

Location: Darlington Academy, Unit 1 Banks House, Banks Rd, Darlington, DL1 1YA

Your Full Gi Must Be Worn

Make sure you are on time. If you’re late you don’t grade.

Next Grading –  Sunday 16th July 2017


Anthony Raimondi – Red

Seth Marshall – Red

Jensen Storr – Red

Rebecca Bailey – Red

Brooke Plews – Red

Effie Dickinson – Red

Alex Simpson – Red

Lucas alsop – Red

Logan gravett – Red

Callum Remmer – Yellow

Jake Remmer – Yellow

Jaden Parker – Yellow

Alfie Richardson – Yellow

Samuel Crowther – Yellow

Mylo Lonsdale – Yellow

Toby Hill – Yellow

Vivian  Dickinson – Yellow

Alex Higginson – Yellow

Max Anderson – Yellow

Angus Stewart – Yellow

Ryley Quirie – Yellow

Isobel Anderson – Yellow

Belle Agnew – Yellow

Rufus Pollard – Yellow

Cole McSherry – Yellow

Joseph Waller-Dawe – Yellow


Montgomery Thomas – Orange

Mason Thornton – Orange

Liam McAllister – Orange

Alex Metcalfe – Orange

Courtney Ferguson – Orange

Conner Alexander – Orange

Konrad Szymanski – Orange

Marta Szymanska – Orange

Matthew Hall – Orange

Callum Hurst – Orange

Alexis Leer – Orange

Lily Dunwell- Orange

Mason Mcfarland – Orange

Daisy Dunwell – Orange

Joshua Wallace – Orange

Ollie Berriman – Orange

Matty Watt – Orange

Hugo Hadley – Orange

Josh Crozier- Orange

Keegan Stapleton – Orange

Will Hagerty- Orange

Callum Dent – Orange

Harry Jones – Orange

Ava Causer – Orange

Jake Whyatt – Orange

Lucas Green – Orange


Eve Pearson – Green

Hannah Brown – Green

Taylin Carrick – Green

Robyn Lowson – Green

Benjamin Clarke – Blue

Alice Yoxall – Blue

Hugo Douglas-Reeves – Blue

Fred Stamp – Blue

Isaac Mendelsohn – Blue

Luke Dunwell – Blue

Jake Alexander – Blue

Cristina Calabro – Purple

Conner Dixon – Purple

Eve Pyatt – Purple

12noon – 1:30pm

Jake Howell  – Green

Corey Coates – Green

Daniel Spender – Green

Kyle Spender – Green

Martin Hurst – Green

Wojciech Uzdowskoi – Green

Anthony Gillott – Blue

Zia Hassain – 3rd Kyu

Lucas Roy –

Marcin Niesyn –

Sasha –

Rob Ellis –  2nd Kyu

Wayne Locker 1st Kyu

Provisional Belts 

(Assessment takes place in your regular training session in the week before the grading date, belts are usually presented the following week in the class)

Halle Killip – P-Orange

Isabelle Killip – P-Orange

Liam Smiles – P-Orange

Freddy Jay Rose – P-Orange

Finley Smith – P-Orange

Aiden Jackson – P-Orange

Maximilian Bazgan – P-Orange

Cole McSherry – P-Orange

Josh Shepard – P-Orange

Kowrad Blake – P-Orange

Elliot Brigham- P-Orange

Sophie Charlton – P-Orange

Kyle Hunter – P-Green

Callum Hennessy – P-Green

Mason Reed – P-Green

Robbie Raisbeck – P-Green

Luca Hutchinson – P-Green

Alex Clennan – P-Green

Jade Stevenson – P-Green

Oliver Luck – P-Green

Jayden Dixon – P-Green

Jay Price – P-Green

Connor Lilly – P-Green

Drew Locker – P-Green

Megan Hayne – P-Green

James Thomson – P-Green

Grace Cook – P-Blue

Neve Eddon – P-Blue

Alastair Dicken – P-Purple

Luke Dunwell – P-Purple

Alfie Snowden – P-Purple

The ethos at the evOlution Martial Arts Academy is to keep moving forward with the progression of modern martial arts around the world, as our attacker changes we have to change our defence. Using the word attacker I don’t just mean a physical attack, we face many obstacles in life, mentally, physically & spiritual. A healthy body and mind will help us over come these.

Any questions or if you can not attend the grading please let your sensei know.
T: 07880 797 147