Purple Belt & Below

Kyu – Grading Dates & Times

Location: Darlington Academy, Unit 1 Banks House, Banks Rd, Darlington, DL1 1YA

Your Full Gi Must Be Worn

Make sure you are on time. If you’re late you don’t grade.

Next Grading –  Sunday 1st October 2017


Oscar Frank Poskett – red

Alana Howells-Hill – Red

Ethan McCormick – Red

Julia Jankowiak – Red

Adam Corcoran – Red

Mia Boyce – Red

Daisy Simpson – Red

Travis Robson – Red

Madison Robson – Red

Dylan Welburn – Red

Brooke Welburn – Red

Sam Piers – Red

Joel Hayman – Red

Olivia Harvey – Red

Katie Breckon – Red

Duncan Kilpatrick – Red

Ellie O’conner – Red

Margot Dickinson – Red

Davie Ward – Red

Brooke Plews – Red

Lucas Alsop – Red



Belle Agnew – Yellow

Rufus Pollard – Yellow

Joseph Waller-Dawe – Yellow

Toby Hill – Yellow

Samuel Crowther – Yellow

Jaden Parker – Yellow

Harry Morley – Yellow

Oliver Philip Ridley – Yellow

Archie Tumeuty – Yellow

Max Holland – Yellow

Benjamin Bruce – Yellow

Charlie Ashworth – Yellow

Oliver Williams – Yellow

Theo Cantle – Yellow

Daisy Simpson – Yellow

Jamie Place – Yellow

Oscar Nicholson -Orange

Cameron Buckle – Orange

Michael Francis – Orange

Leo Katsikas – Orange

Isaac Bensley – Orange

Keegan Stapleton – Orange

Scarlet Bryson Orange

Matty Watt – Orange



Daniel Dent – Orange

Rosie Dent – Orange

Reece Lee Harper – Orange

Abbie Louise Harper – Orange

Jake Eagle – Orange

Alfie Hewitt – Orange

John Waugh – Green

Kyle Sewell  – Green

Phoebe Jenkins – Green

Oliver Whiteside – Green

Alexander Grieves – Green

Eleanor Grieves – Green

Lily Harland – Green

Ruby Burkett – Green

Theo Lowther – Green

Peter LittleFair – Green

Arthur Farnaby – Green

Jade Stevenson – Green

Hannah Brown – Green

Jay Thurston – Green

Jesse Harland – Blue

Liam Jones – Blue

Gareth Wardell – Blue

Cody Godfrey – Blue

Stella Harmer – Blue

Jake Alexander – Blue

Jack Pearson – Blue

Dylan Gallacher – Blue


Provisional Belts 

(Assessment takes place in your regular training session in the week before the grading date, belts are usually presented the following week in the class)

Oliver Cruickshanks – P-Orange

Jack McLoughlin – P-Orange

Dylan Eglon – P-Orange

Cole Gell – P-Orange

Harvey Milner – P-Orange

Cole McSherry – P-Orange

Callum Remmer – P-Orange

Jake Remmer – P-Orange


Daniel Vickers – P-Green

Taylor Jack Grieveson – P-Green

Ellie Merrick – P-Green

Iona Grey -P-Green

Hannah Boland – P-Green

Courtney Ferguson – P-Green

Conner Alexander – P-Green

Matthew Hall – P-Green

Mason Mcfarland – P-Green

Jake Whyatt – P-Green


Maxwell Davison – P-Blue

Zac Locker – P-Blue

Edwin Carr – P-Blue

Charlie Rea – P-Blue

George Stamp – P-Blue

Isaac Lockley – P-Blue


Alastair Dicken – P-Purple

Cora Aked – P-Purple

James Durkin – P-Purple

Billy Randell – P-Purple

The ethos at the evOlution Martial Arts Academy is to keep moving forward with the progression of modern martial arts around the world, as our attacker changes we have to change our defence. Using the word attacker I don’t just mean a physical attack, we face many obstacles in life, mentally, physically & spiritual. A healthy body and mind will help us over come these.

Any questions or if you can not attend the grading please let your sensei know.
T: 07880 797 147