Week – 4th Feb 2013

Whitby Only
No Lil Ninjas 4 to 4:30pm Wednesday 6th Feb
But if you still want to train you can do the first 30mins of the next class 4:30 till 5pm. The class format will be changed for the Lil Ninjas.

In the classes this week

Children’s Combat Classes

Self Defence Strikes:

Beginner: Slaps, open hand strikes, hammer fists. Groin kicks
Intermediate: Basic punches, uppercut, hook, cross & head butts
Advanced: Drills performed with aggression and intent
Black Belt: Teach and demonstrate use of different strikes


  • Listening Skills

Combat Kickboxing/MMA

  • Arm Locks/Restraints/Escapes
  • Impact Development

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

  • Back Attacks
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