Grading Info

Sunday Grading Two

Date to be Added

Your current belt and a drink and your best performance to date, also a 100% positive attitude that you are going to smash the grading. Shorts and T-shirt, No Jogging pants, girls can wear leggings. Don't be late..


You don’t need your training manual.


It’s recommenced you bring your own boxing gloves and evolution uniform (T-shirt) theses are compulsory for Brown Belt gradings and above

All Gradings take place at the Darlington Academy - Banks Road DL1 1YA

Details below subject to change - times will be added closer to the date.

Thomas Newton - Blue

Patrick Symington - Blue

Tariq Tebi - Blue

William Marshall - Blue

Joseph Watson - Blue

Daniel Hatchwell - Blue

Isaac Airey - Blue

Finley Allinson - Blue

Emily Johnson - Blue

Summer Johnson - Blu

Pippa Baxter - Blue

Toby Walls - Blue

Edward West - Blue

Chloe Whitehead - Blue

Issac Elliott-Smith - Blue

Ben Callaghan - Blue

Ruby Summersgill - Blue

Isabelle Summersgill - Blue

Dex Robinson - Purple

Alexandra Lowrie - Purple

Max Davison - Purple

Logan Gravett - Purple

Freya Kilpatrick - Purple

Joshua Gregory - Purple

Louis Gregory - Purple

Cian Allison - Purple

Connor Allison - Purple

Louie North - Purple

Dimitri Priftis -  Purple

James Daglish -  Purple

Nate Lee  - Purple

Elliot Bridgman -  Purple

Lucas Alsop -  Purple

Logan - Purple


Provisional Belts (Half Belt)


Assessment takes place in your regular training session the week before the grading date, belts are usually presented the following week in the class

Thomas Petch - P-Blue 

Amelia Davies - P-Blue

Elliot Rhodes - P-Blue

Arthur Ward - P-Blue

Samuel Edwards - P-Blue

Harry McMain - P-Blue

Leo Moon - P-Blue 

Benjamin White - P-Blue

Benjamin Newton - P-Blue

Anneka James - P-Blue

Angus Dixon - P-Blue

Charlie Hartley - P-Blue

Euan Innes - P-Blue

Sam Sweete - P-Blue

Leo Young - P-Blue

Noah Jackson - P-Blue

Alex Higginson - P-Blue 

Aidan Wilson - P-Blue

Riley Mansfield - P-Purple

Nathan Pennington - P-Purple

Sophia Maguire - P-Purple

Jack McGrath - P-Purple

Rosie Dent - P-Purple

Connor McMullen - P-Purple

Jacob McFarland - P-Purple

Luke Maguire - P-Purple

Alex Simpson - P-Purple

James Sobota-Tulip - P-Purple 

Joshua Hall - P-Purple

Annabelle Carter - P-Purple

Samuel Crouch - P-Purple

Davie Ward - P-Purple

Oliver Nixon - P-Purple


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