Black Belt – Shodan

There will be two Black Belt gradings done each year, all students must also attend a mock grading from which they will find out when they can take their Black Belt.

You MUST been training on a regular basis.

What it means to be a black belt – Past, Present and Future Training.

All black belt candidates also need to write an essay of the above title, there is no set word count on the essay but it should give examiners a deeper understanding into what been a black belt means to you. Candidates can write about personal training experiences and about what preparation they have taken leading up to the exam. Essays need to be emailed to 1 week before taking your Black Belt Exam. (not the mock test)


Mock Test Results: Grading Wednesday 7th December

Jake Towers – Junior SHODAN

Millie Aston – Junior SHODAN

Patrick Graham –  Junior SHODAN

Jessica Charlton – Junior SHODAN

Luke Jackson – Junior SHODAN

Tia Yilmaz – Junior SHODAN

Oliver Butterfield – Junior SHODAN

Lewis Watkins – Junior SHODAN

Tyler White – Junior SHODAN

Connor Carroll – Junior SHODAN

Yash Kumar –  Junior SHODAN

Adam Barclay – Junior SHODAN

We don’t give black belts out…. YOU earn it!!

Shodan = (translation) Beginning level. Its just the start so lets get it right