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Grading information

Check the Videos out explaining the belt system and sticker charts

Don’t forget your boxing gloves and evolution uniform (T-shirt) is recommended. Theses are compulsory for Brown Belt & adults gradings. Black shorts & T-shirt for boys girls can also wear leggings.

Download achievement charts here


For your grading you will need:

Your current belt and a drink and your best performance to date also a 100% positive attitude that you are going to smash the grading. Shorts and T-shirt, No Jogging pants, girls can wear leggings. Don't be late..


You don’t need your training manual.


It’s recommenced you bring your own boxing gloves and evolution uniform (T-shirt) theses are compulsory for Brown belt gradings and above


We hold 6 gradings a year for students taking Purple belts and below. All full coloured belts are tested for the Darlington Academy (Banks Road DL1 1YA), with provisional belts (half belts), these assessments take place in your regular training session the week before the grading date, belts are usually presented the following week in the class.


Once a student receives their Green belt the timing between belts spaces out to every other grading. Students taking Brown belts need to wait a minimum time of 6 months between belts.


So for example a student taking there Red belt In February:



February - Red Belt


April - Provisional Yellow


June - Yellow Belt


August - Provisional Orange


October - Orange Belt


December - Provisional Green


February - Green Belt


April - Miss Grading


June - Provisional Blue


August - Miss Grading


October - Blue Belt


This would be a best case scenario, things happen and students miss gradings for whatever reasons (on holiday, Illness) and are moved to the next one.

We would expect most students to move through the lower belts no problem, when you reach Green belt there are certain expectations for gradings.


You’re put on the grading list because we think you’re ready for that belt, this goes on your progression in class, attitude and the standard you set to yourself and example you set to other students. 


You can always be taken off a grading if we think you’re not ready for one reason or another. The grading in meant to be a positive experience and failing someone is not what we want to do. If you’re turning up for class, working hard and staying focused you just need to prove this to us and yourself on the day you’re ready for that belt and one step closer to the Black belt. 


Other than your Red belt this is the most important belt you will take and just the beginning. The easy bit is getting the Black belt the hard bit is keeping it after you get it. 


This give’s you a brief description on how to get started with the belts. If you have any other questions please ask. 

Evolution Basic combinations

Updated - 25th march 2021


  1. Jab, Cross

  2. Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross (variation Uppercut)

  3. Cross, Hook, Cross (variation Uppercut)

  4. Cross, Uppercut (same hand), Hook Cross - broken rhythm 

  5. Jab , Cross, Roundhouse Kick BL, Hook, Cross

  6. Front leg Front Kick, Cross, Hook, Cross, Roundhouse BL ( x1 variation)

  7. Jab, Cross, duck front hand, Cross, Hook, duck back hand, Hook, Cross (x5 variations) Slips, blocks short & long, angles.

  8. Project, Jab, Cross, step back Uppercut, Cross, step forward Cross, Hook, Cross half step lead Roundhouse Kick. (3 ways to move)

  9. Double Jab, Low inside leg kick, Cross, lead Hook to the body, Hook to the head, duck & move to the back leg, Cross, low Roundhouse kick BL (3 Heights of attack)

  10. Check inside leg kick, check outside leg kick, Cross, Hook, Check with BL. (variation Cross block)

  11. Teep, Jab & frame, hook project ,elbow. Clinch, knee, 180 knee, clinch , throw, knee belly, punch. Mount punch. Escape x2 (Ranges of attack)

  12. Double Jab, Cross, fake back leg knee, scissor lead knee, Cross, Hook, Spin back fist/kick, Superman punch.

  13. Your own combination.

  14. Combination of the year - Covid Killer by Coach Joe - Jab, lead hook head, same hand hook to body, lead RH Low, bounce lead RH to the head.