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Sensei James Cockill has been studying Martial Arts for more than 38 years, initially in Shukokai Karate. The founder of Shukokai, Master Chojiro Tani, understood the principles of body mechanics and used them to great effect when he was developing Shukokai Karate. Master Tani used the hip twist as the focal point of his style. He believed the hip to be like a coiled spring, where the most

power could be produced by effective body kinetics.


This has made Shukokai one of the hardest striking arts today. For a number of years James had great success as a sport Karate fighter travelling though out the UK and representing England under the AMA. After leaving college in 1992, James has expanded his teaching with emphasis on children’s motor skills, development and instruction through his tenure at Deer Valley Resort in Utah, USA. Sensei

Cockill is an internationally certified ski instructor with over 9 years experience teaching children and adults at Deer Valley Resort. Additionally James has received advanced qualifications for child instruction.

This also lead to James cross training and studying various other Martial Arts, including: American Freestyle Karate under Sensei Pat Burleson in Texas, USA; Gracie Ju-Jitsu under Pedro Sauer in Utah, USA; Kata No I Aikido under Sensei Jorge Valladeres in Utah, USA; and Kickboxing & Boxing with Johnny Cocca; number one ranked kick boxer in North America from Rochester, New York USA.

Cross training in these styles resulted in Sensei James Cockill and Sensei Luke Randell developing a unique and realistic Self Protection Programme at Evolution Martial Arts Academy. The programme consists of pre-fight strategies, focussing on body posture, conversation and evasive techniques, heightening awareness to avoid and escape dangerous situations.


The programme also includes pre fight verbal dissuasion, in-fight techniques, making use of effective striking, joint destruction,

and restraints. Combined with the Self Protection skills taught at Evolution Martial Arts Academy, the programme also includes a Children’s Character Education Scheme. This covers stranger awareness, creating positive attitudes, anti-bullying, promoting self confidence,

developing listening skills and many more.


Keeping with the ethos of Evolution Martial Arts Academy, the instructors are constantly trying to improve training methods and instruction. Training with and attending seminars with some of the best instructors the Martial Arts has to offer. (Past seminars with: Dan Inosanto, Erik Paulson, Eddy Bravo, Rick Young, Marc MacFan) James spent 4 years privately training in Thai Boxing with Paul Hamilton and more recently completed the Geoff Thompson Master Class in 2010 and currently trains on a regular basis with world renowned Peter Consterdine of the British Combat Association and is current furthering his knowledge in the Martial Arts by doing Peters, Combat Coach Course.


Kettlercise Instructor

1st Kyu Kata No I Aikido

3rd Dan Shukokai

October 2007 – 4th Dan from IainAbernathy under the British Combat Association.

March 2012 – 5th Dan British Combat Association/Combat KickBoxing from Peter Consterdine & Brian Seabright

December 2020 – 6th Dan British Combat Association/Combat KickBoxing from Peter Consterdine 

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