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Luke started his training under James Cockill in Shukokai Karate at the age of 14, he gained his Shodan (black belt) after 5 years of consistent and focused training.

Together James and Luke developed the Self Protection Programme taught at the Academy. The programme consists of pre-fight strategies, focussing on body posture, conversation and evasive techniques, heightening awareness to avoid and escape dangerous situations. The program also includes In-fight techniques, making use of effective striking, joint destruction, and restraints.


Combined with the Self Protection skills taught at Evolution Martial Arts Academy, the program also includes a Children’s Character Education Scheme. This covers stranger awareness, creating positive attitudes, anti-bullying, promoting self confidence, developing listening skills and many more.


Luke holds a BSc Sports Science degree from the University of Central Lancashire. The role of a Sports Scientist is to outline the benefits of exercise and implement programs to increase exercise participation by the public. At the same time, Sports Scientists often analyse and coach elite athletes to optimise their performance. Sports Science can be divided into three main categories: physiology, psychology, and biomechanics. Physiology entails a thorough understanding of the biologicalprocesses and functions of the human body. Aspects such as neuromuscular responses to exercise are focused on, and the effect that physical-activity has on the body as a whole. Psychology relates to the workings of the mind specific to sports settings. Especially in Martial Arts, we believe the mind is the body’s most effective tool. Areas in this field include motivation, anxiety and its effects on

performance, strategies used to improve performance, such as implementing goal setting, the use of imagery and self-talk. Biomechanics involves analysis of the body’s movements. Under biomechanics, the focus is on efficiency of body movements so maximum forces and speeds can be achieved. There is also an emphasis on the effects of posture on injury.


Whilst Luke was at University he studied Judo under Sensei Barry Strettle, 7th Dan, of Preston Judo Club. In keeping with the ethos at Evolution Martial Arts Academy, the instructors are constantly trying to improve training methods and instruction. Luke trained in Thai Boxing under the guidance of Paul Hamilton of The Darlington Boxing & Martial Arts Academy for around 5 years.


Luke is currently expanding his knowledge in No Gi jujitsu (submission grappling) and is a Black Belt in 10th Planet JuJitsu. Awarded by Eddie Bravo on one of Lukes trips to train with him in Los Angeles . Luke also regularly attends seminars hosted by some of the highest qualified instructors in the world. In October 2021 Luke received his 5rd Dan from James Cockill under the British Combat Association & Peter Consterdine

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