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Kickboxing - Advanced and Beginner Classes

Dealing with the stresses and strains of everyday life can be wearing. Sometimes it’s hard just knowing where to start. Martial arts can give you the physical and mental strength you need to take control. So you feel better and fitter. And it’s fun.

Is Kickboxing right for you!

Want to feel fitter and more in control? The martial arts are one of the most effective type of sports for self-defense, coordination, physical strength, confidence and development of the competitive spirit.


We believe no one should be without martial arts in their lives. By training at the evolution martial arts academy, you can receive the following benefits:

* Relieve tension

* Increase stamina

* Lose weight

* Increase alertness

* Increase confidence

* Improve flexibility

* Improve coordination

* Spend time with friends

* Time management and goal setting

Adults of all shapes, sizes, and ages come to the evolution martial arts academy, and those who stay will achieve their goals. Whether you are interested in fitness, SELF-DEFENSE, or over all self-improvement, we’re happy to help!


We will help train you based on your abilities. Looking forward to seeing you at training soon!

Evolution Martial Arts – What do we teach. Kickboxing, Submission Fighting, Fitness, Ju Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Knife Defence, Self Defence, MMA, Boxing, Reality Based Training, Taekwondo.

Classes in Darlington, Scotch Corner & Whitby

Avoid – Restrain – Pre-emptive Strike


We are a reactive society and the criminal element knows that. Because in most circumstances the criminal is acting and you are reacting, he will normally have a couple of seconds in which to create fear and mayhem in your body and mind. He looses that advantage if you have a plan in place and therefore able to act rather than react. You have then, in effect, caught him by surprise and forced him to re-examine the situation. If you present yourself as a victim who is likely to become a predator, he will most likely decide to leave you alone and find another victim who is weaker and less well


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