Once you get good at making excuses it's hard to get good at anything else.


At Evolution Martial Arts Academy, we teach Combat Kickboxing, MMA & JiuJitsu. We take practical aspects from various styles and teach individuals how to defend themselves in a realistic environment – the street.


We believe quality students come from quality instruction! We focus on excellence in martial arts as well as the ability to motivate, communicate, and encourage students to reach their highest ability in everything they do.


  • Teaching methods are always evolving and being updated to achieve the highest level of instruction.

  • Give the most professional instruction.

  • Provide uncompromising, personal service.

  • Continually invest effort in furthering ourselves and our students.

  • Provide unconditional patience and understanding.

  • Inspire, Motivate and Guide our students through example.

  • We are dedicated to do what it takes to ensure the continual Physical, Mental and Spiritual growth of our students.

  • Make a difference.

  • Grow martial arts interest and experience in the UK. 

The little ninjas program incorporates learning & listening skills to introduce young children to the fun of martial arts...

Lil Ninjas

age 4 to 6yrs

Martial arts with emphasis on learning proven SELF-DEFENSE skills using a structured Belt System is the focus of the Combat Kids program.....

Kids Combat Kickboxing

age 7 to 14




Advanced and Beginner Classes....

Adults Classes

Work it Out – Body & Mind

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