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Lesson Plans &



Attention evolution Parents...

Is your child stuck at home? To help our community combat Coronavirus 😷, our amazing Kids Martial Arts Classes are now VIRTUAL!

It’s so important to keep your KIDS active during this time!

From the safety of your home, your kids will be able to:

Get structured Martial Arts activities

❤Stay healthy

Stay active

Have fun learning Self-Defense techniques to keep them happy and healthy

You’ll have access to recordings so you can enjoy these Martial Arts classes to fit your schedule.

Lesson plans and activity sheets are sent out over email.

Adults Online

Attention Adults…

Our AMAZING Adult Martial Arts Classes are now VIRTUAL! It’s so important to stay active now more than ever.

From the safety of your home, you’ll get:

Structured activities to help you stick to a routine

Self-Defense techniques

You’ll have access to recordings so you can enjoy these Martial Arts classes to fit your schedule.

We will be posting video lessons with activity/work sheets every Monday and Thursday for all our age groups and classes.

Plus lots of extra content and weekly challenges to keep you busy. 

You will also be able to receive weekly certificates for completion of the lessons.

Everything will be posted on this page, links to the lesson’s and links to download the activity/works sheets. This will also go out in our emails.


Thank you agin for your continued support, WE WILL BE BACK ON THE MATS SOON!


To make sure you don’t miss anything make sure you follow us or subscribe using the links below.

We are not closing we are evolving! 

Firstly I  will like to thank everyone for sticking with us at this difficult time.

As you know, it takes more than a pandemic virus to stop us from training!! And not being able to come to class is absolutely no excuse to not train, our students are much stronger than that!!!

The situation is not ideal but we are all going to use it to adapt our training, learn to train anytime, anywhere and stay on track for our next gradings. We have created a weekly training plan that you can follow, complete and sign off so you can practice techniques and keep up with your Martial Arts journey. We have set up an email so you also send your training videos to us and we give you help with your training. You can also send back your completed check list so we can tick off your training.

Adults - As well as the video content we will be sending out we will also be adding  you to a What’s App group so we can all share training ideas, techniques and probably plenty of memes!!

We will be back on the mats. This will end, stay strong.


PARENTS: (our younger students) Here’s how you can help your child to train at home:

  • EMOTIONALLY SET IT UP PROPERLY: On the first day with a lot of enthusiasm and fun. Give your children ownership of this by allowing them to choose what time they start the  there training/worksheet.

  • ENTHUSIASM: Remind your children each session with enthusiasm, as if reminding them to play. 

  • CREATE MOMENTUM: Be with them to tick off 2-3 techniques at the beginning of each session to create momentum.

  • REVIEW: Review the checklist each with your children.

  • PRAISE: Most importantly, remember to give plenty of praise and encouragement when they tick off a task



And we are always here to message, call or video call if you need any guidance with your training. We must continue the journey no matter how difficult the path may be at times!


James: 07880 797147

Luke: 07824 630102

Joe:  07446 675519

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